3 Tips to find the perfect rug for your living room.

Choosing the right rug for your living room requires time and a few tips!

Here are three of our insights :

 1. Take measurements.

Your rug should be at least as wide as your sofa. Ideally, it should be 10 to 30 centimeters larger on each side.

To better imagine the location of your carpet, you can use painter's tape to mark out the area.

2. Position the furniture according to the size of your rug.

If your rug is large, you can put all of your furniture entirely on it. If your rug is medium, you can put only the two legs of your sofa or armchairs on it.

Finally, if your rug is small, you can put it right in front of your sofa.

3.Create a interior that is just like you (meaning amazing!)

Choose a rug that you have a crush on and that will make you happy every day. Choose colors that match those of your living room to create harmony.


If you have any questions, ask our interior design team:


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