Decorating with Baskets


Rustic straw baskets add the perfect touch of warmth and texture to any space. Naturally we love using them to fill up on fresh veggies and flowers at the farmers' market, but their uses are endless in the home.

One of our favorite trends we're seeing lately is baskets as wall decor hanging on hat racks in an entryway or in the kitchen. As a bonus, you'll be more likely to grab one on your way out the door for a grocery trip, instead of bringing home more plastic bags. Or take a cue from the gorgeous Casa Cook hotel in Greece, and keep things extra cozy in the bedroom with baskets as storage for pillows and blankets. 

We love keeping a few baskets laying around in the living room and the bathroom, so we can easily corral anything when the need arises. What's your favorite way to use baskets in the home?


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Credits Top Image (clockwise from top left): Harmony and Design // Makeover // Tessa Hop // DesignLoveFest 
Credits Bottom Image: El Meuble // Monday to Sunday Home 


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